What Marketing Technology Do Direct Marketing Professionals Use?

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While there has been rapid growth in marketing technology, a marketing professionals first decision is about how to best manage the data. For example when considering data management for direct mail campaigns, a traditional technique is to ask IT to pull a list of customers from internal systems or purchase a mailing list.

The other choice is to build a separate data warehouse solely for marketing which is often built and hosted by a third party. Campaign effectiveness is significantly increased when a warehouse is built for direct marketing.

Benefits of a Data Warehouse for Direct Marketing

Clean, Actionable Data

Data pulled from internal systems usually requires significant work to prepare for direct marketing. This requires both time and money. However, if a data warehouse exists, this work has already been performed. As a result, you now have clean, actionable data that can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

Reduce Marketing’s dependence on IT

In order to pull data from internal systems, marketers often need to request the data from IT. Meanwhile, IT is responsible for the security, value, and performance of all the organization’s technology assets. Marketing and IT both benefit when a data warehouse or marketing database for marketing exists. Marketers have access to their data, and IT can redeploy resources to other mission critical tasks.

Addressing Expertise

Internal systems are often designed for purposes other than direct contact. These systems often lack the specialized software and procedures required to maintain postal or email deliverability. A data warehouse for direct marketing is designed with addressing as a primary objective.

Enable Database Marketing Techniques

This is where the power of a data warehouse for direct marketing is fully realized. By including data on purchasing behavior and traits, the marketer is empowered to utilize techniques including segmentation, personalization, and testing.

Provide a Foundation for Analytics

One of the core requirements of a data warehouse is that it integrates and standardizes data from different systems and sources. This provides the foundation for transparency through analytics. The result is a system where marketers can “ask questions of the data” to gain insight.

Opportunity to Increase Results

We’re often asked by clients and prospects how they can improve the results from their direct mail marketing campaigns. One of the first steps is to put a structure in place that allows for quick and efficient campaign execution based on data insight and testing. This structure is one of the foundation pieces required to implement best practices techniques that yield increasing results over time.

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